I am an assistant professor at the Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo mathematics department. I study number theory and the theory of partitions. A partition of a positive integer n is any sequence of non-decreasing non-negative integers that sum to n. For example, the 7 partitions of 5 are (5), (4,1), (3,2), (3,1,1), (2,2,1), (2,1,1,1), and (1,1,1,1,1).

I am the Math Club advisor, the actuary advisor, the mathematics department Open House representative, and the new tutoring coordinator. I also enjoy trying to solve Putnam problems.

Here are some open problems from the West Coast Number Theory Conference for possible Senior Project or  Independent Research Projects. See me if you're interested.

What You Will Find Here

Click on courses to see a list of the courses I teach. For each course, you will find links to syllabi, homework assignments, event calendars, quizzes, sample exams, and grades. You can even send me comments about my courses directly online.

In the research section, you can learn more about my current research and see a list of some of my papers. This area of the site is still under construction, so please stay tuned for more interactive elements soon.

Finally, I have a section devoted to personal and family life, and some links you might find useful.

Contact Information

Office:     25-307  (Faculty Offices East)
Phone:     805.756.6606
FAX:        805.756.6537
Homepage: http://lsze.cosam.calpoly.edu
Office Hours:     


25-307 (office) or 52-A03 (tutoring lab)

Tuesday  12:00PM-12:55PM

25-307 (office) or 52-A03 (tutoring lab)

Thursday  12:00PM-12:55PM

25-307 (office) or 52-A03 (tutoring lab)



25-307 (office) or 52-A03 (tutoring lab)



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